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                                         Godspeed Elmer

Cycle News story here

The Elmer Symons Benefit ride January 20 and 21 was a great more of  The two day event raised $6030 in contributions and $750.00 worth of the Elmer Commemorative decals were sold as well. Powersport Grafx designed and executed the decals. Thanks Bart Hayes and Patrick.
Items donated by Enduro Engineering(Alan Randt), Maxxis tires, Scott Goggles, and Mike Lafferty and Robbie Jenks were raffled off. Our appreciation goes out to these contributors as well.
Ralph Skalleberg donated the use of his private riding area and worked tirelessly the entire week prior to the event grooming the kid's track and about nine miles of trails, even blowing the leaves from the trail. Ralph is definately a class act.
Ken Welty was instrumental in preparing the riding area as well, and was even blowing leaves off the trails on the first day of the event.  Mike Levine worked registration and the drawing for the raffles
Rob Sievenpiper and Ashley Fowler kept the kids track groomed all day and generally did whatever else needed to be done all day Saturday.  James Embro was there to relate the Dakar experience first hand.
This community really pulled together for Elmer and Philip, and it was great to witness. I have probably left someone out, so thank you too for all you have done.
Thanks again for all that attended, and I hope to see you again sometime.


Thanks to Carlos Azevedos and the Nomads Club in Portugal for photos and assistance.  Article concerning Elmer

Email from Scot Harden upon his learning of Elmer's death. 

"Dear All,  Spoke with my contacts at Dakar today. Everyone is devastated by losing Elmer, most especially his brother and James Embro. Elmer was an enthusiast in the truest sense of the word. We spent many long hours together on the trail and in the desert. Elmer's passion was off road racing and being an off-road champion. He made a lifetime of sacrifices to pursue his dream. He had dedicated himself to acheiving his ultimate dream, doing Dakar. How many of us can say that? Along the way he touched many lives, including mine. His steadfast moral support and technical professionalism got me to Lac Rose in 2005. I will miss him sorely. I already spoke with Dr. Edwards, Malcolm Smith and Casey Folks this morning. Malcolm could barely speak. Casey spoke with James Embro via Sat phone and James is absolutely devastated and looking to get out of Africa ASAP.

 I have a love/hate relationship with Dakar. Right now I hate it!

 God Speed Elmer!!


Also a very moving thread located here:

Email from Elmer 2 January, 2007

Hello Ben,
 Hope you had a great entry into the new year!  We all had a great time down here.  I have attached a few pics for you.  
I don't know if I will get to email again, so I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to everyone from SSC.  You guys opened your arms to me and made me feel right at home when I made my move to the East coast.  Thank You.
Please send my warmest regards to everyone and tell them I will be doing my best to do you all proud.
Take care and I will see you back in Alpharretta.

Best Regards,

Thanks to Bruce Vermeulen for all the support and assistance with the Memorial Fund   Click the image for more information.

The Sunday Social Club was formed by a group of friends that enjoy racing and riding off-road motorcycles.  We travel to the races together, and enjoy the competition and camaraderie that is a part of the racing lifestyle.